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Starbright.One illuminates whole-chart astrology


CoCreation with the sacred cosmos

Divine nature seeks order. Simply by gazing at these luminous charts, harmonic coherence is activated in the quantum field. Mirrored symmetries ping within the wheel, running eternally in the zero point. Once grounded onto Gaia via time-space, these divine intentions radiate into the field and energize us all. 

They are exquisite monuments of the infinite moment within which we are held, in luminous constancy, one second after another in the unending procession of Now. Unconditional love that buoys us with joy, knowing us as its own, nurturing us into How. They illustrate the unseen threads of our cosmic connections, fabric woven from our oneness with all. They offer a soft place to fall, the lit lines being our nest for that moment. Then another. Infinitely rising into our light.

Moments in time-space are received from on high, celebrating our path and lighting our way as we rise into the angelic nature of our being

With whole-chart astrology and its balanced breadth, one need not understand the mathematics of astrology to enjoy the numinous patterns. Like a QR code for the soul, the heart's eye can read in a language above words. The received symmetries hold divine messages of love, expanding the notion of sacred geometry.

Harmonic Coherence is crafted by using the angles and vertices, the Moon nodes and main asteroids—along with the traditional planets—to draw the wheel. Named asteroids clarify the theme. And the balanced symmetry is lit with high-vibe colors. Just as those who have had near-death experiences report, the hues in the higher dimensions are incredibly vibrant and rich. 

As we reach for our evolution in this lifetime, humanity’s grand ascension into a lighter-state of being, be inspired by our all-inclusive approach

We renew the traditional by including mathematical points, such as the Midheaven or Ascendant. They hold as much consciousness as a perceived object in the sky. Often they are more personal to the individual, shifting moment by moment. We include them along with the vertices and nodes, plus main asteroids, as long as the aspects are mirrored elsewhere in the chart. 

Conjunctions and oppositions within one degree are the focus, both in and out of the wheel. An orb of three degrees is used for aspects. In rare cases, we expand a bit beyond one degree for the outer wheel, especially for alignments to the Sun and Moon, or for solar charts, when the birthtime is unknown. Gradually we will share more here, a repository of charts guiding us toward peace, focusing on love.

Hundreds of public figures have been drawn in support of BLM, NLM, AAPI, and other communities. Spiritualists. Royal families. Adventurers. War zones. Twin souls. Increasingly, messages are received to honor those who have passed, such as George Floyd and Queen Elizabeth II. Plus my sweet Dad.

It is a rapidly growing archive, with one humble human processing it all, trying to keep up with the volume. Coordinates are received, charts are revealed, and many will be gradually shared here. 

With our mental bandwidth engaged as it is, Starbright.One does not process inquiries or take requests. Thank you for your kind understanding that this is a labor of love as it is, and renewing time in nature, along with rest away from gadgets, brings a joyful balance to life. 

We are moving into a currency of light. Our creations are not available on sales platforms and we do not solicit. Therefore if a separate entity is attempting to sell you our product, it is inauthentic. We are happy to share here what we have explored, with love, in awesome wonder as we unify our humanity.

l i g h t  y o u r  w a y

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